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Big Foldjaz – Open Wide

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Big Foldjaz blends influences from Chicago, Atlanta and Texas into original new sound 

HOUSTON, TX – Houston-based rapper Big Foldjaz is a divine blend of bars and drip, which he puts on full display with his two latest singles “Open Wide” and “Kill Us Again.” These songs are perfect for the kind of brand he’s trying to create – what he calls DripDeck, which stands for Dedicated Respected Independent Presidents.  

Born and raised in Chicago while also spending much of his early 20s in Atlanta, this now Texas-based rapper blends multiple musical influences to create a truly one-of-a-kind sound. He takes the energy of each of the cities in which he’s lived and melds them together into something truly original. 

“I’m the best part of waking up,” he said, nodding to his stage name. “I’ve got the kind of Twista vibe and energy of Chicago rappers, and I have a lot of the Atlanta swag and finesse with my flow, and living in Houston gives me a lot of soul. Add that to the fact that I write music that’s appealing with deep lyrics, and you get a whole different energy than anything else out there right now. I’m a good blend of all those things with style and catchy hooks and real lyrics. I grind like coffee beans.” 

With “Open Wide,” Big Foldjaz takes a comical approach to waving goodbye to past wrongs. With a sarcastic wink and explicit lyrics, Big Foldjaz dedicates the song to his probation officer while at the same time creating an energetic anthem that listeners can use as a chant for situations in their own life in which they want to tell someone to “suck my dick.”  

“It’s about somebody who doesn’t give a fuck,” he said. “It’s about being a rebel, but in a funny and comical way. The video will be funny, as well.” 

“Kill Us Again” on the other hand, is more of a current hit that touches on the continuous racial inequalities that have been brought to light again in the wake of the George Floyd killing. He said it’s a song that will remind people of Tupac with its raw energy and a message that cuts to the core while being necessary for today’s society.  

At the end of the day, that’s the kind of music Big Foldjaz wants to be known for – the kind of music that connects with people in deep ways and says something that makes them come back for more. 

“I’m trying to touch the crowd,” he said. “I’m making real rock star shit and I’m trying to push my sound to different audiences. One of the audiences I’m trying to hit right now is that crowd of aggressive skateboarders. I’m trying to push my sound to that skater crowd because I think these songs fit that group. But that’s just one kind of music I create. I’m always talking some gangster shit, too. I’m gangsta, I’m a player … I’m a little bit of everything.” 

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“Kill Us Again” 



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