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Kendall Lake talks new music and career rejuvenation |@Kendallake

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Los Angeles native, Kendall Lake, is a name you might recognize if you are familiar with EDM or house music. She is no stranger to world we call the entertainment industry. Her resume includes everything from HBO’s True Blood to rock legends The Smashing Pumpkins.

Recently Kendall Lake regained the spotlight after releasing her new single “Lay You Down” via her Soundclound which as of now has almost 500 thousand plays total with only 4 songs on the profile. Looks like Kendall Lake is once again gearing up to take over the world with her unique look and sound.  So we interviewed Kendall about her new music and fast rising success. 

Your career seems to be always evolving what’s next for Kendall Lake?

What’s next? Continuing this path I’m on, so who knows honestly. So many things happened and came into my life, both good and bad. I’m really happy right now and I’m building a confidence in my music and songwriting I didn’t have before. I can only hope that it continues and the end result will be me, happy, making dope music! 

You’re one of the few true talents that the industry calls a triple threat, what would you call your strongest talent? 

Wow. I didn’t know people called me that, thank you, that’s so cool. Untrue, lol, but cool. I’m just trying to do what feel right in expressing myself in art form. As far as my strongest talent? I’m not sure. Everyone is talented in different ways and who’s to say which is dominant? I hope it’s my live performance or stage presence. That’s where I’m the most comfortable and confident, maybe it’s because of the shot of tequila I take right before lol, but I’m happiest on stage so I think we are our best selves and when we are in our happiest moments. I think. 

Your music has been getting major love online what inspired the newest song Lay you down ? 

I love that song! For so many reasons. It means, just like every song, something different to every listener. I ment it to be that way. I wrote that song after coming out of a funk. A musical funk. I was feeling so down and discouraged about music and the industry and what I wanted from it. My producer played me the beat and I just started singing “Don’t tell me you don’t want me, I’ve come so far, I’ve walked these miles…..” It just kept going from there. We have all been thru shit that you’re just like “fuck that, I’m not going down without a fight. I’ve been fighting. This isn’t over until I say it is!” That what “Lay You Down” is. 

Do you plan to release more music in the near future ? 

I’m always going to release new music! ALWAYS!!!!!!! Just keep track of my sound cloud www.soundcloud.com/kendalllake

Do you ever see yourself back on our TV screens? 

I would love to do more TV and film. I’m been really fortunate to be involved in great projects in the past. So let’s see what happens. 

You accomplished so much in such a short time what advice can you give to others wanting to do the same ? 

I’m not a big advice giver cause I’m crazy hahaha. I can only share my story and my journey and reflect on what I’ve learned. The biggest lesson I’ve learned is having a true and honest relationship with yourself and really know why you’re doing something. I found didn’t matter what situation I was in, when I stepped to the side for a second and asked my self “why are you doing this?” Didn’t matter if it was geared toward what I was eating, spending , my free time or working on my career and life. That question helped me get my mind right and regain perspective. If you don’t know why you’re doing something then you will get distracted. You’ll forget the point of it all. I think reminding yourself WHY completely changes the conversation and my next steps. For the better. 

Where can people keep up with you on social media ? 

I’m the worst with that stuff. I never know what to do or say or post ha but I have a Twitter @kendallake and then my sound cloud and Facebook Kendall Lake

 Be sure to follow Kendall Lake on social media to keep up with all her new projectts and shows. Her next show is Feb 10th in Los Angeles CA at The Globe!


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