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B2D Releases Latest Music Video “Chances”

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B2D was born in Montholly, New Jersey to a military family as the second child out of three. Due to the military lifestyle he has lived all over from Georgia to Germany. His family dynamic was strict but he refused to listen and broke all the rules. By the fifth grade he was already began gang banging. This ultimately caused him to spend 10 years of his life in and out of jail between the ages of 14-24. When he went to live in Colorado he continued to sell drugs to provide for his family. In 2010 he ended up leaving that lifestyle and became more interested in business and building an empire. Since 2010 he has created many successful businesses such as, a winery (Bellavino), Clothing apparel (Bellavino Billionaires), and he owns a recreational marijuana smoke shop called ‘The Family Joint’. B2D is a program director at Blazin’ 98.5, where he hosts the ‘B2D hip hop radio show’ from 7-9am/pm. The show gained a lot of traction and was a #1 hit the first month it began. His other priority was to become more serious about his rap career. He always has been rapping but only on his pasttime. So about a year ago he devoted more time and effort to his music and released 3 albums his latest album being Apostles Creed hosted by Adrian Swish. B2D and Adrian Swish have been knowing each other since high school. This year Adrian began managing and working closely with B2D to provide fans with tons of material. When Mr. Swish saw how passionate B2D is when it comes to his music, and that he’s not like many of these other fake rappers who rap about situations they never been through. He was eager to work with him. The material that has been released by B2D, has gained an immense following because the fact that the music and the lyrics resonates with a multitude of individuals. His plan is to continue to release music that moves people. He wants to work his way up to becoming a major figure in the game and continue to build his businesses and become a business mogul.


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