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(New Exclusive Interview) Hip Hop Rap Scene Talks Music With Johnny Casini | @JohnnyCasini

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(New Exclusive Interview) Hip Hop Rap Scene Talks Music With Johnny Casini

1. Who is Johnny Casini and what does his bring to the music industry?
My name is Johnny Casini, and I was born in “Correggio” (Italy). I’m a Singer- Songwriter and Artist. My parents directed me towards musical studies since I was young specifically classical guitar, and I am thankful to my parents for all this. I don’t know if I will bring any difference to the music industry. I am sure, however, of one thing that music and art, in general, are born with the aim of getting rid of any borders. I intend to transmit sensations, emotions without cultural or social barriers. In this decadent world where you can feel, see and hear a cultural and intellectual decline, I want to do my small part to give some hope to the kid that’s still in me. I want to create, through my art, my music, my words and my actions, a small chance to live on a planet that is in peace, love, freedom, brotherhood, and friendship. Without barriers or boundaries, without any hatred.
2. If you had to do a remix to “Dark Glasses.” What 3 mainstream old school artist would you put on the record and what 3 new generation artist would you put on the remix?
If I had to do a remix to “Dark Sunglasses,” 3 “old school” Mainstream Artists that I would like to put on the record: “Giorgio Moroder,” “Joey Beltram,” “Frankie Fnucklesor.” Speaking instead of 3 new generation artists, I would choose “Soulwax,” “Daft Punk,” “Chemical Brothers.” Anyway, when I listen to music I’ve always preferred to listen to the original version, however, in some cases the remix has given more exciting colors to the sound and the meaning of the song.
3. Who are you 5 favorite artist of all time and why?
My 5 favorite artists of all time in random order are: “The Beatles,” “Arctic Monkeys,” “Oasis,” “Bruce Springsteen” and “U2”. These are some of the many artists I admire and continuously listen to every day.
4. How has Hip Hop Culture effected your everyday lifestyle or has it effected your everyday lifestyle?
I have never deepened into the Hip-Hop culture, I happened to listen to artists from the Hip Hop culture both American and Italian as “Eminem,” “Tupac,” “Jay-z,” “Snoop Dogg,” “Salmo,” “Fabri Fibra,” “Clementino.” They have not influenced my compositions or my lifestyle. However, I’m fascinated by all forms of art and in the case of the Hip-Hop: I like his excellent communication skills targeted.
5. Where can everyone find your music and what do you want to tell the readers of this article about your music?

Music like all kinds of art is a collection of emotions and sensations that come from the whole painting of colors that an artist can offer to the audience. If through my songs you can find some comfort, you can find a kind of peace, you can see personal revenge against your demons, and you can portray yourself in the character of my songs even for a moment, I can say out loud to my self that I have achieved my goal because the first service of an artist is to transcend any bond and to help society and the people in need. You can find my music both in streaming and download on the main digital platforms such as Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, Amazon, Apple Music. To get a continuous update, I suggest you follow me on the main social networks like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter typing “Johnny Casini.”

Johnny Casini – Dark Sunglasses (Official Video)
Johnny Casini

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