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Aceito Banks – For Better Or For Worse

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Aceito Banks drops new single ‘For Better or For Worse’ with On Chief Ent.

WAUKEGAN, IL – There’s a popular saying throughout the Midwest that has come to be synonymous with the idea of conviction. When you say it, you mean it. That phrase is “On Chief.” Say, for instance, you might say “I’m a do whatever it takes to survive…On Chief!” Or if you saw a car that you really liked, you might say, “That is a nice car … On Chief!” It’s a phrase that was once used by gang culture to salute their chief that has quickly become one of the most popular sayings throughout the Midwest, especially in and around Chicago. Aceito “Ace” Banks decided to trademark “On Chief “and turn it into a clothing line and entertainment company.

Ace is a Hip Hop artist and entrepreneur whose dominance in the entertainment industry has been slowly growing over the past five years. He has made appearances on several TV shows such as NBC Chicago PD as Bryan Johnson, Empire and Chicago APB. Ace is also a fashion designer who plans on eventually venturing into the world of mass media and music. As a young businessman, he has developed a movement around the idea of On Chief, and his clothing can be found online at www.onchief.com He also does custom shirts for people and believes the company will be a multimillion-dollar success.

Ace is also an artist and has been making music for most of his life. His most recent single is a song called “For Better or For Worse” prod by BOGER– an upbeat and hard-hitting take on pushing through difficult times. Ace’s journey is one that has seen him overcome a history of life on the streets with drugs and gangs and violence, as well as a period of time in the state penitentiary. But he said he has learned from past mistakes and wants to use the wisdom he has gleaned over the years to help others make better choices and avoid a life of hardship.

“It’s based off what I’m going through right now,” he said. “I came too far to stop, so I might as well be in it until it’s over. I’m in it for better or for worse. I’m hoping it will get better, and I’m praying it don’t get worse. I’m an OG now. I have a different view on life. This song expresses the stuff I’ve been through in life and my views on the rap game and just life in general. I mean what I say and in some ways that is pretty angry and aggressive, not violent, just angry as in the regret of past decisions and making sure I get my point across.”

Ace said he was first inspired to explore music by the culture with which he was surrounded as a kid. Like many others in his community, music played a large role in his upbringing. As he says, most young people are either influenced by music through dancing, or making beats, or rapping. For him, by age 13, he was taking the playground freestyles and turning them into well-written raps. He joined a rap group called The Fatal 4 in high school and they started getting serious about taking their music somewhere. He saw increasing opportunities to get away from his surroundings by using his hobby or rapping and turning it into a profession. He ran afoul with the law, however, and had his dreams derailed for a bit.

“Through it all I still keep my head up and stay a positive person,” he said. “I had my fair share of selling drugs in the streets and jail time but when I came home, I said I’d rather make my money legally and never go back to that street life. I have yet to go back. My music is raw and unique. I’m speaking on things that weren’t cool that has somehow become now. Times are changing. I have an old-school mentality. When people hear it, I want them to realize no one is talking about what I’m talking about or saying it the way I say it. I really believe I make music that is relatable to lyricists and to people who don’t care about the lyrics. My bars are punch lines but easy to understand. My cadence is the kind of cadence that only rappers can rap. My name is Ace for a reason. I don’t want to be compared to anybody. I’m putting out real good music and there’s nobody else who sounds like me.”

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“For Better or For Worse” Prod by Boger


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