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Lunaa Maria – 2 Ble$$ed

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Hot new Latin artist Lunaa Maria drops new EP ‘Soul on a Mission’

BROOKLYN, NY – When Pamela Fernandez was in sixth grade, her class was slated to perform a Christmas show. They were going to sing the “12 Days of Christmas” in front of the rest of the school. Pam was tapped to sing the “Five Golden Rings!” section of the song. However, she didn’t think much about it and didn’t really practice in the days leading up to the performance, even though most would consider it the most important part of the song. So it came as a bit of a surprise to her when she belted out her part during the performance and received a standing ovation so loud that it drowned out the other four singers after her.

“It was a natural high for me – a vibe and energy that I just couldn’t get enough of,” she said. “I wanted more of it and I never looked back.”

From that moment forward, she pursued a career in music and today, she is one of New York’s fastest-rising young talents, operating under the stage name Lunaa Maria. She’s not just a singer/songwriter. She’s also an entrepreneur, art gallery curator and style guru, helping people all over the world embrace their inner fashionista through her online boutique on Instagram under the handle @theplanetvenusss. Out of all her various multimedia endeavors, her most recent is a six-song EP called “Soul on a Mission” which was released on May 31. It’s a project that she said shines a light on all of her inner creativity and gives fans an inside peek into her mindset as she chases her dreams.

“I’ve always wanted to be a singer since I was little,” she said. “That has stuck with me for years, and I always wanted that to be the name of my first project. I feel it’s something that can be very relatable to others. I know my goal and I’m just trying to get to it, and that’s something anybody can relate to. So this project tackles everything from haters to depression to love to having to struggle to make it in the world.”

Lunaa Maria was born in the Dominican Republic and moved to the U.S. when she was very young. She was raised on 80s love and pop songs, but soon fell in love with late 90s and early 2000s R&B and hip hop. Those genres helped build within her an appreciation for conscious music. Today, she said she hopes her unique sound and style becomes known to bring conscious music to a young audience in a modern way – similar to how some of her heroes did, such as Lauryn Hill and Sade.

“I want to be known for reaching out to the youth and writing conscious music in a way that reaches the youth,” she said. “I feel like that’s when it sticks the most. Children are the future, and someone needs to speak strong messages of what life is in a way that catches their attention.”

Her debut single, “2 Ble$$ed,” is the perfect example of that ambition. It’s a single that she said is very relatable to a younger audience as it highlights the “haters” in life who bring criticism instead of positive encouragement.

“I’m talking about issues, friends, changes in life, and sacrifices when chasing your goals,” she said. “Sometimes you go astray from friends when you’re chasing your dreams and sometimes people don’t take that very well. When you’re young, people take it as you’re acting funny, but you’re just working on your dreams and making sacrifices. Sometimes people don’t understand that you have different priorities and things you want to get out of life. Your friends can either help and elevate you, or get out of your way.”

Lunaa Maria will be performing live twice during the month of June, once in Brooklyn at a fashion show called Summer In Brooklyn, and another on June 27 at Bushwick National Night Out.

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