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[New Music] Bigg Rich 1 – Dat Fat Fly Dude | @BiggRich314

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Bigg Rich embraces ‘Big is Beautiful’ movement in both music and life 

ST. LOUIS, MO – Richard Griffin is starting a “Big is Beautiful” movement.
The hip-hop artist from St. Louis, Missouri has always been a large guy. It was a no-brainer to
adopt the name Bigg Rich as a stage name when he decided to pursue music professionally. But
the idea behind the movement goes far beyond the clever name or the outward appearance.
Big is Beautiful is a life philosophy that touches on living large, giving everything 100 percent
and showing others love and joy in big and beautiful ways.

“My music is clean music that is full of energy,” Bigg Rich said. “Some of that comes from being
a big guy who is always energetic. But the brand behind Bigg Rich is more than just about being
an artist. It’s about being so cool that everybody in the crowd goes, ‘Ohh!’ It’s about being big
and fly and energetic and having great fun. So sure, it’s about me being a big guy and dressing
real nice and just being energetic. But it’s also about giving back and improving hip-hop all the
way around and bringing a breath of fresh air and fresh artistry to this industry. I don’t just
make music. I do all of the work.”

Since age 12 Bigg Rich has been making music. Growing up in Wellston – one of St. Louis’ most
dangerous areas – Bigg Rich’s only desire was to finish high school and get a job. After high
school he decided to further his education by enrolling at Lincoln University, where he would go

on to earn a bachelor’s degree in computer science. He focused solely on his school work
during those college years, determined to give himself something that would help him make
money and take care of his family. But his passion for music never diminished – even when he
landed a contract job with Google right out of college. In fact, Bigg Rich viewed that year with
Google as a chance to save money that he could use to invest in launching his music career. And
eventually, that’s exactly what he did. He used the money he’d earned to pay for studio time.
And from the first moment he stepped into the studio, he went to work. The result was his first
single, “Fat Boy Roll.”

“’Fat Boy Roll’ is a dance song that me and my good friend Ira created while in college,” he said.
“We couldn’t do Soulja Boy’s snap and roll dance, so we made up our own dance … the Fat Boy

That single opened the door for Bigg Rich to begin his charity work in the community. He used
his talent and positive energy to inspire young children in the community to dream big.
Working closely with local community foundations such as Annie Malone, Demetrious Johnson
and the Boys & Girls Club, Bigg Rich was doing all he could to show younger generations the
business and entrepreneur side of music.

More and more pieces began to come together over the years – including a stint on the BET
show “One Shot,” in which he finished top six out of 5,000 contestants. That notoriety and
exposure helped Bigg get to where he is today – the CEO of a company that helps others find
their voice through music and the entertainment industry. He has released more music,
including his most recent single “Dat Fat Fly Dude,” which is another upbeat, energetic song
that advances the “Big is Beautiful” movement. He’s also hard at work on a follow-up mixtape
called “Bigg Rich the Mixtape Vol. 2,” which he said will display more creativity and more
emotion in a clean, fun way. And following that he wants to release a self-titled EP in May 2018,
with an emphasis on songs that will display his unique personality and the character of the city
of St. Louis.

“It will have that St. Louis feel,” he said. “Chill … with St. Louis lingo, good energy, emotion …
everything you need to represent St. Louis. And over all of it will be positive energy. That’s
ultimately what my whole movement is about – positivity.”

To listen to Bigg Rich’s music or to follow him on social media, please visit:


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