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Poetik Ace – Circumstance

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Poetik Ace puts pain on display with new album, uses
it to inspire others

LOUISVILLE, KY – Andrew Duncan carries a lot of pain. It’s born from a life of hardship and struggle – hardship that started six months before he was even born when his father was killed at only age 24. Hardship that continued as he grew up in a neighborhood driven by drugs, hate and violence in Louisville, Kentucky. Hardship that kept beating him down through poverty and broken relationships and drug addictions, that even got him into rehabs from https://firststepbh.com/blog/substance-abuse-lgbt-community/ for several months.

All those experiences have hurt, and he carries a lot of pain. But Duncan has found a way through all the pain with the help of music. Today, the Louisville-based rapper goes by the stage name Poetik Ace, and he uses his unique talents behind the mic to help others release their pain and embrace a lifestyle of perseverance.

His new album, “Pain In My Soul,” is the embodiment of that mission to help others through their pain. The 13-song album features Poetik Ace’s unique storytelling vibes undergirded by traditional hip-hop beats and a lyrical delivery unlike many others in the industry today.

“It’s an album that’s for everybody because it has pain, struggle, stories and even some songs for the females,” Poetik Ace said. “The horizon of the project is big, so it can reach different people. I think this album shows off my versatility. Not a lot of people can make a song about a certain subject and then turn around and make a song about something completely different in a whole different style. You have trap rappers who make a female song, but you can always tell they’re trap rappers. I can make a song about pain an struggle, and then make a female song, and then make a song that’s all about poetry and being a storyteller. This album in particular talks about a lot of the struggles I went through growing up, and I’m sure others have dealt with the same issues in one way or another. I like to express my pain through my music which gives my music substance and depth, something you can't find in alot pf music today.”

Growing up, Poetik Ace always had a passion for writing. He had a poem published at age 11, and poetry became the perfect outlet for an introverted kid who kept to himself more often than not. As the years went by, he began to fall into the street life of selling drugs and robbing. He was arrested for a robbery gone wrong at the age of 17, but released because of his age and the fact it was his first offense. Eventually drugs and alcohol took over his life, and he found himself in and out of jail for a few years. Through those experiences, he realized that those troubles would follow him his entire life if he didn’t change his lifestyle. So he stopped selling drugs, got a decent job and in his free-time dedicated himself to his music. Today, he hopes to be able to use his music to show others that they, too, can overcome their obstacles and endure the trials and tribulations of life to become better people.

“I just want to be a source of truthful inspiration,” he said. “Even though I’ve gone through so much, I still try to inspire people to push through the pain. Just keep going and don’t give up. I just want to be somebody you can listen to and know you don’t have to give up. You can keep going.”

To listen to Poetik Ace’s music, or to follow him on social media, please visit the:
Snapchat: Tattedazznigga7


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