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Street Sinatra – Saved By The Yay

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Street Sinatra uses trauma of his life to inspire others on new album ‘Phenom’ 

LONDON, UK – Smooth flows meet gritty street vibes on the new album “Phenom” from London based Hip Hop artist Street Sinatra. Hailing from Woowich, Southeast London, Street Sinatra is well-versed in the journey of the underdog, and he shares those stories with a global audience on his new project which features the breakout single “Saved By The Yay.” Ushering in an all-new sound and vibe, Street Sinatra has worked tirelessly over the past year to release six albums, with “Phenom” marking his seventh completed project of the year. 

“With this project in particular I wanted to give people a chance to gain more insight into the inner workings of my life,” he said. “All the way from the bleak to the triumph. It’s all a range of emotions that’s meshed with daringly big beats, classic melodies and cadences accompanied with smooth and swift flow changes. In short, it’s me displaying in short form all the different types of realms I can go into musically while also showing a part of my personality.” 

Over the course of his young career, Street Sinatra has become known for having an adept ability to mesh classic cadences, phenomenal flows and emotionally provoking beats to convey his perspective of trials and tribulations for the young black man growing up in the inner city of London. With a hands-on approach, he produces, mixes and masters his own projects, displaying a multitalented range as an artist. And his unwavering determination not to cut corners makes him one of the hottest new artists on the scene.  

This is perhaps best displayed on the debut single from the new album. “Saved by the Yay” is a literal depiction of the life of a young person living on the streets entrenched in drugs and violence. It’s a song that explores all the reasons why someone would choose to live that lifestyle knowing the short odds on living a long and fulfilling life when participating in a lifestyle of drug trafficking. 

“It’s about a person who always looks at the glass as half full, which is what leads them into bad habits and a terrible lifestyles,” Street Sinatra said. “It’s presented from a kind of two-sided coin standpoint because I’m a young black man from the inner city London, and there are a heap of men in my position. But I prefer to examine the psychology of our actions instead of looking at the more shallow reasons why someone would enter that lifestyle. My whole idea behind this is to give listeners a peek into the mind of someone who would choose the street life so that there’s more understanding of that lifestyle and ultimately, so that more people can find their way up out of it.” 

At the end of the day, Street Sinatra said he wants his music to be known for the unadulterated truth of the streets paired with vibes that are fun. He’s using the trauma of his life to inspire others by way of a different perspective with enjoyable beats and melodies along the way. 

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