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3irty – Back Then

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West Coast artist 3irty combines vision with
hard work to launch new career, album

LOS ANGELES, CA – Hard work beats better talent when better talent doesn’t work hard.

This statement is more than just a mission statement for West Coast artist 3irty – it’s a way of life. Though he’s a talented musician who’s spent the past few years honing his unique sound and style, he knows that putting in the hard work is what will really elevate him to the top. And his goals are high for his musical career. He wants to be a staple in the music industry – an artist who others look to for inspiration and quality music. He has a broader vision for his career than most musicians. In fact, it’s that broader vision that led to the creation of his state name, 3irty,
and his new independent label, thirty30visions.

“In high school I did some things that earned me a rep that got me the name T-Money,” he said. “I was wild in high school and got expelled my junior year. My mentality about life changed after that. And as my music became increasingly important to me and more heart-felt, the name T-Money just didn’t fit. In fact, whenever people asked me what my stage name was I was almost embarrassed to say the name. I spent a long time thinking about the perfect name, and after a year I came up with 3irty. The idea comes from the fact that we all have two eyes, and perfect vision is 20/20 vision. But I want to look at music and the entertainment business with a deeper perspective – I want to use my third eye. I want to have 30/30 vision. I think it’s the kind of vision you have to have to be successful in this business. You can’t just pop onto the
scene and make something happen by shitting it out. You should have a vision and know what you’re doing with it.”

That vision not only includes an entertainment company that represents other artists – such as the two most recent signees, Kap Gang and OPA Visions – as well as promotion, marketing, management, event development, videography, and more. And of course, that vision includes a reputation as a musician who creates songs that last a lifetime. He’s eager for the business to begin taking off, and plans to drop some thirty30 merchandise soon. His studio, thirty30visions recording studio, is a place that he hopes will be inviting to other artists where they can “come by, smoke, drink, record and film.”

His upcoming project, “Stars Fall,” is the exact kind of album that is the culmination of years of vision and hard work. As he looks to drop the album this summer – perhaps as early as May – he’s ready to tease fans with some of the music by dropping the first single, “Back Then.” It’s an acoustic alternative rock hip-hop vibe that nods to the hardships 3irty has overcome and some of the past experiences that have led to his feelings about life today.

“I had a girlfriend of five years who I had to separate with due to different career choices and going to college in a different state,” he said. “I have never felt so emotionally connected to someone, and it broke my heart to leave her. So, in this song I talk about some of the emotions I’ve had to overcome. It’s the perfect song to show off my album – and this project means everything to me. People listening to this album will know more about me than people I talk to and associate with every day. I poured my soul into this project.”

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