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Tyvel – Jr

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ARMY life helps new father find foundation of strength for new life
journey and start of music career

EL PASO, TX – Tyvel Trevon Clement’s life changed drastically about four months ago… that’s when his son, Tyvel Trevon Clement Jr. was born. It’s also when Tyvel Sr. realized that there were some major responsibilities in his life now, and it was time to grow up and fully embrace the role of a man and a father. His three years in the ARMY prior to this occasion had prepared him to face tough challenges, but the realizations that started to come to him as he held his son in his arms were profound. So profound, that he knew he had to write them down or risk losing them. What came out was a letter to his son told in the form of his new single, “Jr.”

“It’s basically a song that’s me telling my son that I’m always thinking about him and what he can expect from me as a father,” Tyvel said. “It’s laid back storytelling, and it’s filled with a lot of emotion. It makes other people cry when they hear it because they can feel it – especially people who have kids.”

The hook of the single says: “Not a day goes by when I’m not thinking about the joy you bring. When I don’t hope that you only feel the same…” That’s just one example of the heartstrings he pulls with this song, and the deep emotional wells he digs into in order to communicate the thoughts and feelings that most fathers feel with their children. It’s also indicative of the type of lyrics he writes. That, combined with a penchant for finding catchy beats and writing amazing hooks, makes him one of the hottest young hip-hop artists from the South.

His music is relatable in that it pulls from life situations that others can familiarize with. Born and raised in Saginaw, Michigan, Tyvel graduated from Briedgeport High School in 2013 before moving to Marietta, Georgia and enlisting in the ARMY. He eventually got married and has found time between his ARMY duties and being a husband and new father to pursue a career in music, which he hopes to be able to dedicate himself to full-time following his completed time in the Service.

Six months ago he dropped the single “No More,” which was a love song that explores relationship problems and what happens to couples when they decide their fed up with all the fighting. It was a more R&B-driven song than his current hip-hop infused single, but it showed off his diversity as an artist and received high praise from people within the music industry. Following his new single, Tyvel said he’s working on a new single that will explore the emotions and anxieties that many military personnel face during their times of service, and how that often leads to suicide. That new single should come out later this summer, while his current single “Jr.” is available for download on all digital distribution sites.

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